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What to Expect from Our Development Sessions

Our Development Sessions are designed to cater to players of all skill levels, bringing individuals together to work on specific football topics in a collaborative and competitive environment. Each session focuses on a particular aspect of the game, ensuring that players receive targeted and effective training.



Our Development Sessions are offered in 3 age groups:

U7-U9, U10 - U12 and U13 - U15 


Speed, Agility & Quickness

Our training philosophy revolves around the trifecta of success: speed, agility, and quickness. These three elements are the cornerstone of athletic performance, and mastering them leads to superior results. By integrating advanced techniques and consistent practice, we help participants develop a well-rounded skill set that enhances overall performance. This holistic approach not only improves athletic ability but also fosters confidence and resilience, key ingredients for success in any endeavor.


Ball Mastery & 1on1 Domination

By combining technical activities with situational play to replicate real-game scenarios. This innovative approach ensures that each player develops not only the skills but also the decision-making abilities needed to excel in high-pressure situations, making our training method distinctively effective.

We want our players to have the confidence to try new skills, and dominate their opponents on game day.


Ball Striking & Shooting

Achieving excellence in ball striking and shooting requires more than just skill; it demands a holistic approach.

Each session is designed to teach you the various techniques of connecting with the football effectively. We cover everything from striking the ball over short, medium, and long distances, always culminating in a goal-focused approach.

We focus on the Optimum Shooting Position (OSP), a critical element that ensures your set touch positions you perfectly for an effective strike. This detailed attention to the small yet vital aspects of shooting can transform your game, helping you add those crucial goals to your tally.


First Touch and Ball Control

Mastering first touch and ball control is essential for any football player aiming for excellence.

Players develop the precision necessary to manipulate the ball with exactitude, ensuring that each touch serves a purpose and advances their team's objectives. Meanwhile, they cultivate the poise to remain composed under pressure, maintaining possession and dictating the flow of play even in the most challenging circumstances.

Players not only elevate their performance on the field but also lay the foundation for long-term growth and success in their football journey.

What to Expect from Our Development Sessions

Our Development Sessions are designed to bring together players of all abilities in an engaging, high-intensity environment focused on specific football topics.

Master specific aspects of the game, from technical skills to tactical awareness, through in-depth training sessions.

Experience the perfect balance of individual attention and team interaction in our carefully curated sessions.


Every week, players from various backgrounds and skill levels come together, creating a rich and diverse training atmosphere. This diversity enhances learning experiences, promotes high energy levels, and fosters a sense of community among participants.

Our Development Sessions are the perfect addition to any player's training regimen. They provide a unique blend of individual skill enhancement and team-based tactical training. This dual approach ensures that players receive comprehensive development, preparing them for the demands of elite football.

Join us and experience a dynamic, engaging, and competitive training environment that will push you to your limits and elevate your football skills to new heights.

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