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1-2-1 Coaching

Be Elite

For our 1-2-1 program we have individual and discount packages; all sessions are 60minutes long, these focus on what the player would like to further develop as well as help them progress in areas they excel in.


For new clients we have an introductory offer.


Individual sessions are priced at £40.


Sessions also can come in discounted packages of 5 and 10 sessions.




We are PROUD to announce that we are the ONLY provider in Northamptonshire, that is offering the NEW GIRLS UNITE program in association with The FA and England Football.

This is for girls aged 12-14 who are new to football, looking to continue their journey on from Weetabix Wildcats, have no where to play the game or just want to play with their friends.

Join us at UNITE, on Monday evenings, 6-7pm at Moulton.

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